Kamaris offers a variety of tutoring options to suit your needs.

Ontario Math Textbook

One to One
($60 / hour)

These sessions are held in person for the majority of the students. In person tutoring is the ideal option, allowing full access to our resources and providing the optimal learning experience. Online services are only available in cases where in person tutoring is not possible.
One to One sessions offer you the most individual attention. We discuss your goals and customize programs to meet your needs. Some commonly followed programs are shown below.

Driven Program

If your goal is to score well on the next test, we teach you the concepts you need to know, go through your homework questions, and strengthen your mathematical foundation. We also go through old test and exam questions.

Rebuilding Program

If you are missing significant background we focus on reviewing material from the previous years. By focusing on the fundamentals you will be prepared to learn any new concepts that are taught to you in the future.

Skills Program

If you are already doing well in math we focus on getting you ahead in your textbook and on solving math contest questions. By advancing yourself, many of the lessons taught in class will be review, and even the new lessons will seem easier due to your increased mathematical understanding.

Two to One
($35 / student / hour)

Two to One tutoring is a good idea for students in the same class who are at approximately the same level. It provides a similar experience to One to One tutoring but with less individual attention.

High School Study Group
($120 / month for 1 weekly session)
($200 / month for 2 weekly sessions)

The High School Study Group is the most affordable option and is primarily for help with homework. Each group session starts at 6:00 p.m. and runs for 2 hours. The study group is available Monday to Thursday.


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