Kamaris offers a variety of tutoring options to suit your needs.

ONE-TO-ONE ($50 / hour)

In this setting we discuss your goals and design a plan that is customized for you. If your goal is to keep up with the homework and do well on the next test, we teach you everything you need to know, go through your homework questions, and strengthen your mathematical foundation. If you are missing significant background, and want to focus on strengthening your foundation, we design a program to review and help you improve your areas of weakness. If you are looking to advance yourself and get a scholarship, we design a program that gets you ahead and also incorporates math contests and challenging questions.

GROUP ($140 / month)

This setting is primarily for help with your homework. We are available to answer any questions you may have and also provide you with useful resources such as old tests, exams and solutions manuals.

* cost is for 4 hours (Tuesdays, Thursdays 2 hours each)
* ($80 / month for 2 hours one day/ week)

TWO-TO-ONE ($60 / hour)

* $55 / hour for siblings