All of our tutors are experienced, caring and dedicated to providing the most effective teaching possible.

Michael Kamaris


Michael is an established math tutor with over 20 years of experience and a double major in Math and Actuarial Science from the University of Toronto. Michael applies his experience and education to understand how his students think and to communicate in a way they will understand. His approach is results driven and he enjoys seeing his students succeed. With his teaching and guidance, he has played a key role in helping countless individuals excel in math and reach the profession of their choice.

Kosta Kamaris


Kosta is an accomplished math tutor who has completed his Honours B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Toronto. He has been working at Kamaris Math Tutoring since 2000, and full time since 2005. Kosta has always enjoyed math but his real interest is helping others understand it. Over the years he has found innovative ways to make math more simple, understandable and relatable. It is his belief that nobody is too far behind to be caught up and that by explaining math simply enough he can help people make sense of it and enjoy it.

Maria Kamaris


Maria is an exceptional math tutor who has completed her B.Sc from Queen's University. She has been tutoring math for 40 years. "I really enjoy working with my students," Maria says, "No matter how many hours I work, I find the best feeling is when my students are getting it." And that is why Maria is so popular. Maria's students love working with her, since she is laid back and easy to work with. "It doesn't matter how easy a question may be, I want my students to feel like they can ask me anything. No question is a bad question, if it helps a student understand."

George Kamaris


George has an Honours B.Sc. in Math and Physics. He loves working with his students, solving math problems, and playing tennis. George believes that stress-free learning is the most important thing when he is teaching. "I don't think stress is good for me or my students," says George, "That is why I have been trying to find ways to make math easier for students for over 40 years. The most important thing when I am teaching is not to solve the problems, but to make sure the students can solve them!"


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